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Quite possibly the most overrated producers in hip-hop. His beats are mediocre at best, and the only people that like him are the girls who think he looks good or the guys who want to dress like him so they listen to his candy-ass beats.
Example 1
Girl: "OMG Pharrell is so hot! I love his songs he does with Britney Spears!"
Me: *Slaps* "listen to some real hip-hop."

Example 2
Loser guy: "Yo, check out these bapes! I'm like pharrell now!"
Me: *Slaps* and *takes dump on shoes*
by KRS17 February 18, 2008

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Quite possibly the biggest and most ridiculous fad the world will ever see. They are skateboarding shoes by Nike, and people pay shitloads of money for them when they look like they are shoes that 5-year olds would wear. Fuck Nike for making them, they never gave a fuck about skateboarding but realized they could cash in so they decided to make these pieces of turds. A lot of people who buy these don't even skateboard, they just collect them to show off.
Loser: Yo, look at my fresh ass Nike SB dunks! I dropped $1000 for this shit
Me: Fuck outta here, my little cousin wears shoes that look like those.
by KRS17 February 18, 2008

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