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A predominantly large, masculine, gorilla-resembling, negro man. Also there is the rare Nigrilless who is of the same masculinity of a full grown silver back gorilla. He/she is very territorial, however only the mother cares for the child after age 4. If you find your self or any peer of yours surrounded or even engaged in an activity with one of these beasts do the following.

Use the scent of a fried chicken, fresh water melon (they can sense if it is old, so don't be cheap get a good one) any "koolaid" or grape soda, to lure the beast from you or its nest.

Luring the beast from his or her nest may reward you with drugs, guns, sliced eggplant or possibly even the rare PlayStation 2.
A: "Holy shit! Did you just see that big, ol' nigrilla?!"
B: "Yeahh dog I just came from over there, I had to lure him with a plate of sliced watermelon."
A: "Did you get anything out of his nest?"
B: "I got this gnarly cocaine bag and grenade."

A: "Like a fucking fiend!"
by Kail Bigeblow September 02, 2013
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