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When you get raped by a fried chicken, watermelon loving nigger who, when finished, proceeds to steal your T.V.
Did you hear that Kelsey got niggerraped last night?
by BullCut September 05, 2012
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1. Like being raped except with more emphasis
2. Getting your ass beat down really badly

Origins come from the perception that black men are the most endowed of all races and thus being raped by them tends to hurt more than being raped by any other race, generally and stereotypically speaking.
1. A girl from my school claims she got nigger raped by Leroy... if that's true, she'll be walking funny for a while.

2. Margarito just got his ass beat by Manny Pacquiao; he got nigger raped!
by justsayin02 December 25, 2010
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