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When someone does an action such as the dougie or the Cat Daddy. Other than dance moves, they may also perform actions such as smoking a blunt or fucking a bitch in the ass.
You're smoking a blunt right now? That's niggarific!
by Dally Dan January 19, 2011
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something which negatively affects someone
I fucking lost twenty was niggarific.
by pizimp1234567890 December 26, 2004
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when something or somewhere or etc is capable of being nigga and terrific.
dat fried chicken was niggarific
dat bitches ass was niggarific
by Beastbeastington February 04, 2015
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A term used in a sarcastic tone discribing a moment or subject as awesome, great, splendid, or terrific.
"Hey Daddy look at this bruise that niggasaur gave me the other day."

"Damn son, thats friggin Niggarific."
by Humza Tariq October 26, 2005
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