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1. (Noun, Pejorative) : A person, of non-black race, whom supports the black race to the material detriment of their own race; A race traitor.
1. Hillary Clinton is a Niggaphile.
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by Buttfuckme April 12, 2018
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The term Niggaphile refers to a person who is sexually attracted to black people. An unusual disorder amongst white folk but it is, however, commonly observed amongst the black communities. A fetish for large ass and copious amounts of unprotected sex will often accompany the affliction.

Not to be confused with Honkeyphile, the general sexual orientation of the white community.
Ma man Mitch is such a Niggaphile, he sits at home all day long absorbed in interracial porn. I sware the man is diseased.
by Red_Herring November 18, 2010
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