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The need to shit after getting hella buzzed off a Juul
Evan: Yo let me hit your Juul

Tom: Bet bro

Evan: *rips Juul*
Evan: Damn I gotta shit

Tom: Ah fuck, you got the nicshits
by tomtomtomtomtom1400 October 05, 2017
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The explosive mondo dukes that result from...
a. Too much nicotine

b. Pod that does not suit the respiratory system (e-cigarettes)
c. Being incapable to handle nicotine in the body, and thus exits through an explosion out of one’s anus
Damn... I just went through a whole pod and had the worst nic shits of my life! Bitch sorry about your toilet it was like a grenade blast in that shit. I’ll pay half for a new can.
by Cranjus McBasketball IV May 11, 2018
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After a long period of time after hitting a vape or Juul that has high nicotine percentage, you have the urge to poop caused by the nicotine calling it a nic shit
“Yo Brady I just had the biggest nic shit ever my stomach hurts so bad”

by JuulSZNN127 June 05, 2018
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when you first start vaping and you have eXpLoSiVe diarrhea for like 3 days
man, i just started vaping last week and i have a bad case of the nicshits
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by ipoviged September 21, 2018
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