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the sexiest mf in the whole cartoon universe

hes from zootopia
"omg nick wilde is so hot"
"wtf is wrong with u lol"
by pissman765 December 28, 2021
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A hot fox who had no right to be attractive
Looks theres Nick Wilde eating a pawpsicle
by Mouseant August 22, 2021
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1. A main character from one of the best CGI movies ever, Zootopia.
2. The coolest fox ever.
3. The world's best con artist.
Guy 1: Did you see joey in that green Hawaiian shirt and tie yesterday?
Guy 2: Yeah, he looked like Nick Wilde from Zootopia.
by Ivan Blazkowicz July 11, 2016
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Nick Wilde is a fox from the disney. He is beautiful innocent amazing lovable kind pure . Don’t you dare try to take my babe or I’ll throw you of the face of the earth. jk jk he is one hot fox tho
"Nick Wilde is SOOOOOOO hot🥵"
"IKR, I hope they make a Zootopia sequel"
by yEEt mE fEEt November 23, 2020
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hands down the hottest cartoon fox ever drawn. lucky judy,, she got to hang out w nick for a long time. oh to be judy. anyways, nick wilde is very sexy.
"bro nick wilde is so hot aha"
"frrr i watch zootopia 24/7 for him"
by sophiasmom February 2, 2021
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Person B : You mean that sexy wild fox?
by 10,11 Buff Cat Dilf June 19, 2022
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