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Nicholos is a variant of the name Nicholas meaning 'people of victory' or in the case of an individual, 'the victorious'. It is masculine name, sometimes shortened to Nick, and other variations include Nicholai, Nicolai, Nikolas to name a few

Nick's a wonderful person, an amazing person to have in your life. He has an extremely kind, sensitive heart and he feels other peoples emotions easily, making him very intuitive and understanding of peoples problems and is always finding ways to make them feel better. A Nick is gorgeous in every way possible, with their stunning looks, magnetic eyes and beaming smile. He has the ability to light a fire (honest to God) with his smile and when he is sad, it can be felt and your heart will feel his sadness. An absolutely genuine guy, he is believes in speaking his truth and is always honest with you. He is masculine and attract many women with his brilliant personality and fabulous looks, but beneath that is a perfect person. He is charming, charismatic, enchanting,loyal, irresistible, lovable, extremely caring, intelligent beyond words, loves new experience but would like to experience the world with their special someone, is refreshingly mysterious and marvels many with his great sense of humor. He loves music of all kinds especially songs with awesome beats and meaningful lyrics which he resonates with. Everyone loves being in his company and love him. Once you meet him you will never want to lose him.
A Nicholas is an amazing person and you never want to hurt him in anyway. You will love him and he will love you because that is his nature. He loves to love but he also deserves to receive love by the buckets full. A keeper, the girl who he choses would be the luckiest girl in the world to have him as their lover. A beautiful soul.

polly:"once you really get to Nicholos you will never be the same again. He is a wonderful and adorable guy"
bella: "completely he is the nicest guy in the world and i tell him today "i am yours". i love him and i just hope he notices how much i do"
by imtryingsohard June 12, 2010
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A traditional spelling of a Greek name meaning 'victorious people' or 'victory of the people'. Typically a very smart man who is engaged with the world around him and passionate about his interests. He is honest, spontaneous, has a voracious appetite for books and learning and is an inspiring person to be around.
Nicholos is off protesting against the war. Hope he doesn't get arrested again.
by Atlas88 April 29, 2009
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