Function: Exclamation or statement
Etymology: Canadian, particular to the greater Hamilton (the Hammer) region (Burlington, Stoney Creek, Burlington)

1. An exclamation of disbelief.
2. Means that you don't believe something to such a degree that you make an indirect reference to someone's lack of intelligence or ugly head
When your housemate accuses you of eating all of his peanut butter when you didn't, you exclaim, 'Nice Head!'
by Sam N. February 9, 2005
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An expression used after a friend says something particularly stupid, potentially by accident, and does not realize it. However, it must be brought to the friend's attention in the form of light-hearted ridicule.
"I think that I injured my trapezoid muscle at the gym last night."

"Do you mean your trapezius muscle?"

"Oh yeah"

"Nice head!"
by AK2006 July 5, 2006
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