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Niasia is the pure meaning of beauty. This means no matter you look at personality or appearance, or even the way a Niasia puts a lot of people over herself. The only flaw is Niasias like to chase bad boys.
Dude 1: "wow, who is that girl"

Dude 2: "Cmon, you couldn't reclgnizs that she is a niasia?"
by Anonymous_50 February 25, 2015
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Niasia can very annoying and ignorant. A niasia can thinks it is better at everything and knows everything. Also it complains and brags everyday
ugh that niasia is so annoying
by kjjk December 07, 2013
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Is not the best influence but will always tell u to knock your shit off she is beautiful in every way and she is best friends with Dakota and loves boys named Anthony her only flaws are 1)she like to chase bad boys sometimes and 2) has a bad attitude
Dakota- BSF for life
Niasia - yup

Anthony- bsf for life

Niasia- sure
Niasia winks ;) at Dakota - not 4 long
by stbbf-Anthony June 11, 2018
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