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Niari is the most beautifulest person you will ever meet. even though she carries an attitude EVERYDAY she can be a very fun & always look out for her friends when they don’t look out for her. Even though shes very hardheaded & can be a handful she is very nice and mean at time .not to mention she can get any boy she wants . be like Niari.
Boy #1 - Who is that
Boy #2 - that’s Niari . her cute self
by Niari Ivey December 10, 2018
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Big booty.Beautful,dates lots of boys like kanye.loves to be active andstrong.loves drama.usually wears black and loves and very nice.don't mess with niari she will start swinging
Boy 1.Omg your hot

Niari.*punches in face*i have a man
by Niari brown July 13, 2018
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