1. A person of Puerto Rican descent (both parents) not born in Puerto Rico but born in New York.

2. Newyorkrican also can refer to a first born Puerto Rican child not born in Puerto Rico but in New York.

3. Newyorkrican is a special title give to Puerto Rican's not born in Puerto Rico. This is the only title recognized in New York and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican's born in other states are not granted this special meaning for their specific state. Only New York is recognized!

4. All other definitions seem to degrade what a Newyorkrican is into a wanna be black person. This is simply not true. Puerto Rican's are Puerto Rican's by blood not just Island status. Sounds like Puerto Rican's are a little bit jealous of Newyorkricans.
Manuel was the first born child of a Puerto Rican family that moved from Puerto Rico to New York before he was born. He is often refered as a Newyorkrican because even though his parents are both Puerto Rican, he was not born in Puerto Rico.
by Boricua Ace October 22, 2009
1) A person that born in the island of Puerto Rico, but grow up in the states. 2) A person with puertorican blood, but never visited or lived in the island, swear that he speak spanish puertorican style.
Did you know that Marc Anthony and j Lo are newyorkrican?
by Firefengy September 4, 2006
Fake Puertoricans. Puertoricans are friendly, smart, strong, cool, people of the island Puerto Rico. They speak spanish and have the most amazing beaches. They are proud of their boricuan heritage. Newyorkricans are dirty, fake, people of puertorican descent. They speak broken spanish, think their black, and talk with a fake black accent. If you wanna show your real boricuan pride don't try to act black.
Newyorkrican: aYo iMa bu$t a cAp iN yoOh!

Real Rican: YOUR NOT BLACK! you probablly suck at spanish, have never visited Puerto Rico and no nothing of your culture.
by jersey kid November 20, 2007
what people from the island of PUERTO RICO call someone of the Puerto Rican race who doesnt have the morals of an islander.

A Puerto Rican who thinks they're black

Most NEWYORKRICANS just think theyre black anyways.
I swear, those newyorkricans have no idea what puerto rico is about.
by arayex May 12, 2006