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Scum high school across the bay in Newport Beach, CA. The school is filled with tools, beaners, and meatheads. They have a second rate TV show after Laguna Beach failed, which unfortunately caused Newport Beach to be flooded with yuppie tourists every summer. Kids from this school are usually laughed upon by the upper echelon classy kids from Corona del Mar who basically beat Harbor in everything except football(but who cares?).
"Hey, I wear a tank top on fridays cause I play football for Newport Harbor." -Harbor kid

"Damm, I sad cos CdM stole my skool holiday. Only Newport Harbor ware top tank" -Harbor kid

"I feel sorry for Newport Harbor," -CdM kid
by Kalpar May 24, 2008
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high school located in newport beach california. lots of stoners and kids who like to get wasted when their parents go out of town on the weekends . common clicks are rich scum bags,surfers,stoners,beaners,meatheads,and skaters. rival high school is corona del mar. lots of wealth and hot bitches its wouldent be a bad high school to go to!
kid 1. yo where do you go to school??

kid 2, newport harbor

kid 1. thats cool you wanna get wasted?

kid 2. of course lets party!
by smokingood247 August 31, 2012
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the knock off version of laguna beach . somehow, mtv figures they'll make more money if they create yet another sitcom full of bleach-blonde bimbos and amateur bad boy surfers. you might wanna change the channel to vh1 at this moment in time...
" nieka, put it back on newport harbor! "
" ohhh hell if imma watch that crap; we already know the guy's gonna play 2 girls, they're gonna hate eachother; hence we get another lauren, kristen, stephen relationship! "
" how dare you insult mtv's intelligence?! "


*2 episodes later*

"nieka, I'm so sorry, you were right!!! "
" well, of course. now change it to rock of love (: "
by Nieka Ann August 26, 2007
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