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Basically an emo grooming ring with teenage scene kids and emos doing MD off each others undeveloped boobs to get a fuck boy with an acid and hentai to like them, a place to get free booze gain friends and lose any self respect you had in order to be cool and a place for drama home to one of the worlds biggest drama queen's Emily who seems nice until she fucks your boyfriend and sells nudes instead of ever working
Let's go newbridge and pick up some underage emo girls with low self asteem
by Saltqueenxoxo March 14, 2018
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"New Bridge" is a place hidden in Manchester where all the emo/goth/scene kids go to do drugs and to get drunk.

It is also a place to shag one another as nearly every Saturday some slag fucks a different guy. When a person decides to go there they will defenatly contract some STD's
"Hey dude. Want to go "New bridge" this Saturday? "
"Nah bro. I can't cheat in my girlfriend"
by Jumbo combo November 16, 2016
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