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A rich co-ed private school located in Livingston, New Jersey. Known for their diversity, containing White, Black, Latino, and Indian students. The most common religion being Judiasm (about 60%), followed by Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Excellent academics with very good college placement. They are most well known for their outstanding tennis teams. Lately their boys and girls soccer teams have won their Conference titles, as well as the boys basketball, baseball, and fencing teams.
"If you want to go to an Ivy and work hard, I suggest you apply to Newark Academy"
by Bizank January 23, 2005
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An interesting school in New Jersey which focuses on racial diversity (except for black people, there are only a few of them)and academics. The population is about 65-70% white, 10% indian, 20% jewish, 10%black, 7% asian, 3% other. While most of the students strive for academic excellence and extracurricular focuses, some just dont. These few are classified as mistakes and the school recognizes they exist. A few prominent members of the faculty include a fantastic principal, a drunk pe teacher, a "hawt" health teacher and a hippie math teacher.
by TheJewsWillRise November 30, 2006
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