A baseball team with fans (99% of them bandwagon) that doesn't shut up about their 26 world titles, and uses their incredibly high paycheck to hire new players who either used to be good in the past. They are the second most annoying team in baseball. (The most annoying being the Red Sox.)
The New York Yankees are doshops;khjos;hjm
by Roki April 05, 2008
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Without question, the most dominant team in the history of all professional sports. Also, the most disciplined and respected team in MLB. The standard by which to judge a major league team. The best team in baseball. Consistently owns the Boston Red Sox.
The New York Yankees have won more World Series than most other professional teams combined.
by PME July 13, 2005
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1 Wild Card 43 Division Titles
40 Pennants(I count 1994 because they had the best record so back when there wasnt a playoff; best record determined who won the pennant).
26 World Championships

The greatest team ever not just in baseball but in every sport. 110 titles total. The cream of the crop. A team that has been great long before free agency.

They lost to Boston in 2004, but after beating them year after year and decade after decade, the sox were due to win at least once. And it wasnt like the Yanks had Clemens, Pettite, Wells, Soriano, or even Giambi, where as the Red Sox lost no one from 2003 and also added Schilling in a trade for no one and also Foulke(which by the way the sox have a 127 million dollar payroll, so I wouldnt bitch about just the Yanks).And who the Yanks had to replace all those great pitchers were either injured or inexperienced. So I look at the Yanks/Sox series of 2004 like when the Knicks finally beat the bulls in 94 to go to the finals: They did it when Jordan didnt play so basically when the talent left the team. So they didnt really do it when it counted or the sox would of done it in 2003.

But anyways the legacy of the Yanks is forever in stone as sports icons. The truest of champs and forever the team that is either loved or hated. Either way the Yankees put buts in the seats and that people is great for baseball. Long live the Evil Empire! If you haters want some, come get some! Oh and for you bitches who just love to hate. The Score is: New York Yankees 26, Boston Red Sux 6. I figuered I would let you all know. Long live the curse of Pedro Martinez.
Whats it mean to be great dad and whats it mean to suck? Well son to be great you got to be a New York Yankee, and to suck you got to be a Red sox and a New england sports Fan.
by Elston Dellucci May 07, 2005
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1. Everything that is wrong with Major League Baseball. Their owner, George Steinbrenner is a greedy bastard who buys at least 3 players every offseason

2. The reason Major League Baseball needs a salary cap.

3. Their season is considered a "bust" if they don't win the World Series.
The New York Yankees are the gayest team ever!
by Tardy McTard July 23, 2004
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definition to the most band wagon fans in the history of all sports...fan's who whine when they don't get the next 50+ million dollar contract player (even though they have about 9 of them already)...fan's who think there team is the shit even though they are the only 'dynasty' to blow a 3 game lead in ANY playoff series known...not to mention it was the ALCS where they are suppose to OWN everybody with there un-godly amount of payroll...the only line a bandwagon yankee fan has is..."26 world titles man"...it's like the saying goes...everytime a bell rings, a converted devil ray/royal/padre fan turns into a yankee fan...
"Hey we have 26 world titles!"..."yea i don't know shit about baseball, and i've never watched a yankee game, but i can buy there fitted hats, wear them backwards, and walk around saying that we've won 26 world titles"...(that is what a new york yankees fan basically does)
by Janick April 27, 2006
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English: trash

Spanish: el trasho magnifico
By George, let's ruin baseball and buy another player!
by Grady Little February 19, 2004
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1.The #1 team in baseball that attracts "bandwaggon fans" but in reality attracts "bandwaggon haters" because they are mislead by every other team who have been owned at one point by the Yankees.

2.The Boston Red Sox #1 rival. Sox fans hate the Yankees with the passions of hell because they were indeed owned multiple times by the Yankees.

3.The evil Empire. Destroyer of baseball. Over-paid egotistic idiots (expression commonly used by Boston fans, the 2nd most paid team in baseball). The Yankees do manage however to sell-out game tickets wherever they go and put butts on stadium seats. The irony.
1. Baseball fan: Do you watch baseball?
Guy: No.
Baseball fan: If you could pick a baseball team you
didn't like though, who would it be?
Guy: Hmmm...Probably the New York Yankees.
Baseball fan: Typical...

2. Boston fans: We were cursed I tell you! CURSED!!
Yankee fan: No, you sucked for 86 years. GET OVER IT!

3. Boston fan: Those damn Yankees buy everything. Baseball's
not fun anymore.
Guy: So you going to the game?
Boston fan: Of course, the Yankees are playing at Fenway.
Those are the best games!
by BuckFoston a.k.a Lady Yankee August 22, 2006
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A manifestation of everything wrong with sports... and life.
Major League Baseball should have two teams: the New York Yankees, and everyone else.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself February 17, 2004
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