1. To miss easy free throws
2. To screw up an easy chance at something
1. Damn, how did Gilbert Arenas new mexico those free throws! They lost bc of him
2. Yo, you shoulda hooked up with that hott chick, she wanted it. You totally new mexicoed it.
by Chicaaago Ditka August 10, 2006
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Largely unknown state west of Texas with the 2nd largest drug problem in the US. The only good things to come from here are Breaking Bad, The Nuclear Bomb, and Brian Urlacher.
White Trash: Dude, New Mexico sucks. Why'd they film Breaking Bad here?

Latino: ¿Usted está hablando mierda sobre mi casa, gringo perra?
by MyNameIs**** June 12, 2014
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The one of the cleanest and beautiful, yet cheapest states with neatly decorated highways and new smooth pavement.
New Mexico is a mountains and forests state.
by Vabq April 26, 2006
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