An american adverising term invented some time dring the course of television history.

Now widely regarded with contempt for the utterly intelligence insulting nonsensical term it is.
"New and improved Whammo juice!!! A refreshing carboanted drink that doubles as an industrial cleaning agent!!!"

"Wait... how can it be new AND improved? You can't improve on something new, since to improve something implies revising something exisiting..."
by EducatedChav June 17, 2009
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He is still the guy with the biggest dick on this planet we call earth. He is 13 years old at the moment I’m writing this. He is very cute and unique. He is very loyal. If you lose Tamahrin and it’s your fault just now you FUCKED UP. Tamahrin will forever be faster than everyone... except Kevin
The new and improved Tamahrin is the guy with the biggest dick
by Jesus_god May 9, 2019
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A female celebrity with a huge grotesque grin. Coined by radio DJ's Don and Mike to describe Cameron Diaz.
A reference to the poisoned products that The Joker unleashed on Gotham City in the movie "Batman" which killed their victims and left them with horrific grins on their faces.
by Steve Aardvark December 19, 2006
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That just means they have bought another factory in China to produce 100,000 cartons a day. Made up of 80% saw dust.
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