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In 500 years time. We will have forgotten about the filth that Mozart and Beethoven puked up and instead future generations will finally be able to appreciate good music such Nelly, Chingy, Benzino and the almighty 50 CENT (Praise his name foolish mortals)

Morzart was so crap, he didn't even earn a lot of money. He died poor and in an unmarked grave. 50 cent is rich because he had the talent to make GOOD music so he has made a lot of money.

Old Classical will be retitled 'shit and rap will be titled 'Classical' to show future generations of its greatness. It will be the term to achknowledge the greatest time in music when MTV (which is to true music lovers what Jesus is to true Christians) was playing phat beats every day and rap was the norm. Rap is truely the only true form of music and requires the most talent. Let's see the likes of Mozart try an mix a repetive, electronic beat the way Eminem can.

Rap will truely be recognised as a defining moment in music when classical, jazz, blues, rock and choir and other bullshit will be forgotten.
Old classical music doesn't even have any lyrics let alone swear words! Stay far away from that shit and watch MTV. MTV doesn't play shit like classical or jazz because MTV is god and we must obey it's wisdom.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005
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Fuckin' A - Old classical is a boring, lame, useless waste of time. Today only old people listen to this crap and when they are dead, classical music will be gone forever. Every time a classical radio station goes off the air or a symphony orchestra goes bankrupt music gets better. This stuff can't go away soon enough.
The old people in the nursing home couldn't take listening to good music, so they listened to old classical music. For young people 50 cent is the new classical music.
by baseballaaron December 29, 2005
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