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A wanna-bi is a straight person that has been convinced that is cooler and more attractive to appear bi-sexual. Many internet venues talk about how hawt bisexuals are, see My Immortal and other fanfics.

The wanna-bi will try to use the mannerisms of someone that prefers the same sex. However, if propositioned in person by someone of the same sex, the wanna-bi runs away.

The wanna-bi is trying to impress the opposite sex with a facade of unavailability. As long as the wanna-bi remembers they're supposed to be staring at someone else, they sometimes win.
I can't believe what a wanna-bi that little punk is! He wouldn't even go for a three-way!
by Tommy19 June 10, 2010
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A wanna-bi is a girl who is a wannabe bisexual. There are two different species of wanna-bis; The emo, and/or scene wanna-bis started the bisexuality "trend". Because emo boys look the same as emo girls, they make videos of themselves making out with each other and post it on the internet saying it is two emo males kissing. This of course, will make them popular, wich is a good theory as to how this started.

The second species of wanna-bi's are the "cutesy random" type. These are the types of girls who would normally say "LOL CHEEEZE I LIKE PIE XDDD". Sometime around early to mid 2009, they decided to start "dating" each other. They are too "random" to realize they are not attracted to girls at all, because as you can see, they obsess and fap to pics of a fictional character they find "smexy".
Look at those two attention whores, they say they're dating, but they never kiss or anything. What a bunch of wanna-bis!
by Rinks September 06, 2009
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A person, who fakes to and/or wants to be bisexual.
OMG playa, you are such a wannabi. And all that to impress chicks or what?
by CWeinstabl March 22, 2007
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Person who thinks that just because they may have had a tiny crush on someone/kissed someone of the same sex means that they are bi.
x: I heard Nikki came out that she was bi
y: So untrue! She's a total Wannabi
by urbanly challenged December 06, 2010
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