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To Nern (Verb): A male having doggy style sexual intercourse with a female.
Nern (Noun): The male of the pair, that are having doggy style sexual intercourse.

Note: A gay couple can not nern successfully. If two males are having doggy style sexual intercourse, they are not nerning.
"I nerned her so hard last night, she soiled my sheets with blood."

"See those two guys holding hands...they are unable to nern."

"Martin: Hey babe, I'm irking for a nerning.
Isabelle: Sure, but not at your house, last time we nerned your parents caught us."

"Last night was amazing, until he nerned me in the wrong hole. Not cool."
by The_Nern October 25, 2009
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A rare woman of great beauty, and intelligence with a "down to earth" and fun loving personality. Nerns are typically independant, yet enjoy the company of great friends and family. To date, only 1 true nern has been observed in her natural habitat, and is believed to be the first, and likely the last of her kind.
I'm sure Jamie is a great girl, but I really need to find a nern.
by Michiken January 20, 2010
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the n00b way to spell/say "brb".
brb = berb = nern.

NOT no.
me: there is hot sauce in my eye
me: IN
me: MY EYE
friend: WTF OMG RLY
friend: go put water on it!
friend: omgomggomg
friend: my eye hurts now!
me: nern nern nern!!!!!!!
friend: ya rly!
by Knifetooth November 07, 2007
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The waxy or semi solid substance in between your toes; usu consisting of sock particles, sweat and whatever else is in there.
After he took off his running shoes and socks, he bent down and removed the "nern" from between his toes; see also mung
by wstlnguy July 02, 2009
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