A ninja who is also good at mathematical calculations
He snuck up behind me and did my homework! What a Nerdy Ninja
by Dig abick11 February 27, 2017
Swagg thats so nerdy/ preppy that its extremely fly and good looking.

Grant Grizzy's term made up to define his sense of style at times.
"Grant Grizzy rockin the nerdy swagg today (:"
by Grizz Mcfizz October 2, 2011
A fashionable and attractive, yet nerdy type appearance and lifestyle which far exceeds the classiness of the typical nerd.

First used at E3 2009 Gaming Convention by gamers interviewed by CNN.
*aaron and garret get ready for E3 gaming convention*

Aaron asks: How do i look?

Garret Says : You look like a nerd dude.....

Aaron: Okay good, but HOW do i look?

Garret: You look pretty Nerdy Chic to me.

Aaron: Thats right! I'm one handsome motherfucker
by lashawn45 June 5, 2009
Term used to describe a person who wrongfully believes they are a bad ass. This type of person typically tries to make a dramatic stand for something they see as important, when - in actuality - either no one gives a crap, or they painfully botch the attempt. A nerdy harry cannot be taken seriously on any level. There is NO cost in ignoring them completely.
Greg was really passionate about this new comedy series he discovered. I realized he was a major nerdy harry when he showed me his 'amazing find' was actually a British sci-fi space comedy that has already been yanked from production due to its incredible - though not unforseen - level of SUCK.
by Jorg Fjorgensen February 13, 2010
The theme song to all nerds who ever wanted to be gangstas.
I'm just to White and nerdy.
by 1337 lord October 10, 2006
Typically refers to a female who is cute in somewhat of a nerdy, or sophistocated type of way. Most females refered to as "nerdy cute" tend to wear glasses, or either lack the confidence and sex appeal that most attractive girls have. Many of them present that mystery that makes a man wonder how much of a freak she is behind closed doors. Many girls who are in the transitional stage from "ugly duckling" to a beautiful woman will be considered as nerdy cute. Overall, most of them appear as if they have a cute innocence about them, and most seem as if they could be beautiful if they were dressed up
Myra from Family Matters is the perfect example of a girl who is "nerdy cute".

Laney Boggs is another example of a girl who's "nerdy cute"..especially because she looked amazing when she was dressed up.

"You see that girl over on the side sittin by herself? She never talks, and she's always reading at lunch time. She's not fine, but she's nerdy cute"
by RT310 August 19, 2007
Another name for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, a booze-soaked celebration of tech startups, digital media and Internet culture. SXSWi immediately precedes the larger SXSW Music Festival. South by Southwest Interactive is Mardi Gras for nerds.
We're taking our whole startup to Nerdy Gras this year so the team can get wasted together and stumble around Austin getting free shwag.
by NakaD March 14, 2013