1) You mocked them... you tortured them... now they're developing the medicine that will save your sorry ass!
2) One who is academically superior to the normal population.
We don't like to rub it in... oh wait, yeah we do! PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS!!
Me: I bet you're regretting calling me a nerd now that you need that loan, right, bud?
Once-Popular Kid: Please, my tumor's growing!!!
Me: Hrmmmmm... Well, you should have considered this possibility when you decided that only nerds go to college.
by The Devious Chipmunk January 04, 2011
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Someone, usually a guy, who is highly confused with the very common geek. Nerds are somewhat attractive and intelligent, and are usually great boyfriends because they haven't had popularity soil their good natured aspects. Unlike the geek, who is unattractive and intelligent, nerds are well known and liked and may be considered "popular".
Artie from "Glee" is a nerd because he is sweet and cute and popular among his friends and also very smart. Puck is not a nerd because Puck is not smart and so he is just considered hot. :)
by vern the fern December 26, 2010
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A person sitting closer to the front of the class than you are.
"That nerd is blocking my view with his big head"
by JJabba March 19, 2007
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No Evidence of Recurrent Disease

Originally, medical personnel used he acronyn NED. But, among cancer survivors it has morphed into NERD, and something that can be proudly claimed and congratulated.
"I just got the results of my yearly scans, and I'm still a NERD!!!"
by Elizabeth Munroz November 06, 2007
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Often used as an insult (although should be taken as a compliment), a nerd is a person with a high IQ. Nerd is the opposite of retard and therefore should be taken as a compliment. A nerd will love to do maths, science, computer stuff, watch anime and/or play video games depending on the type of nerd.
Geek: Your such a nerd.
Nerd: Thanks, and your a geek.
Geek: Thanks, wanna do some maths?
by APersonInOZ July 16, 2015
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A nerd is a being who creates or spawns awesomeness (DO NOT EVER ASSOCIATE WITH GEEKS NOR DORKS). All great things come from nerds. The sphere (or ball, for all you idiots out there.) was created by a nerd, and now the nerd's own invention is used to pummel him upside the face in dodgeball. Also, TV was made by nerds. Google, wikipedia, youtube, youtube videos, and all things that are good come from nerds. Despite all of their contributions, they are ussualy shunned by society. This is because, even though they have created all the means by which people move (cars), communicate (the acronyms used in notes and messages), and think (Television) they sometimes have a deep flaw in their appearance, social skills, or other areas. Essentially, nerds are the martyrs that live a life of social abstinency to further develop mankind in the hope that mankind doesn't devolve. A trifling hope, but without hope we have nothing.
The bible says that :
"The meek shall inherit the Earth."
meek is "those who are socially awkward, but inventive."
Otherwise known as nerdy.

We have created all technology and we will regain it.
by Thomas A. April 20, 2008
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ok.. just correcting the dumb ass who put the wrong definition up first....
it's NO ONE ever really dies!
by therdi April 21, 2003
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