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The Religion of Neo-zeppelinism was established in 2004 and is part of the "Rock-and-Rolltianity" movement that has been slowly expanding since the late 1960's. The belief system is based around the journey of God after the creation of man. At the end of this journey God finally became the 4 members of the 70's rock band Led Zeppelin, splitting the power among the four of them. As each of them dies, the essence of God within them will travel to another distinct human source, named a vessel. When all four vessels have gained their respective quarter of God's power it is rumored that the world will end, but it is not an established rule of the religion. These vessels have been established as four young males in Centreville, Virginia. Only one of the members of Led Zeppelin has passed away, leaving his essence with the first of the 4 vessels, Sean Hunt.

== The Journey ==
The journey of God begins many years ago at the creation of man, in 1776. It is believed the being of God was so very disappointed with his new creations that he was brought to the point of crying, but could not, and so instead his entire essence fell from the sky. The essence of God fell in 4 quarters, in the shape of seeds, on the planet of Gaia. Here they were first found by Sephiroth who could feel the great power within them, and put them in his backpack for safe keeping. When the warrior Cloud Strife came to defeat him Sephiroth quickly shot the backpack off into space, sending it to whichever planet it hit first as he knew the seeds contained magnificent power and he could not risk them being destroyed.

The backpack traveled across the universe and is said to have landed on the planet Earth in the mid 1860's. It fell so fast that it implanted itself into the ground, rumored by people on the surface to only be a small meteorite. In 1870 when the United States Government first began to build their underground robot construction facilities, they found the backpack and could sense it amount of energy it contained. They decided to implant the backpack into one of their most powerful robots, called a Gear, making it practically unstoppable. As the underground war raged on, before any humans above he surface could notice Fei Fong Wong destroyed the Gear with a double punch attack, leaving the robot to rot and allowing the oil in the robot, now infused with God's energy, to sink into the soil.

Mixing with a small amount of water the energy taken from the seeds eventually worked itself into the waterways of England, and was ingested by a young whore. The whore's illegitimate child was a friar who was then infused with the power of god, but he became insane from the power and set up an elaborate scheme to kill Juliet Capulet, eventually taking over her body with his abilities. After killing himself due to losing the love of his life, the energy contained in his body finally escaped up through the soil and to the surface, returning to the initial form of the 4 seeds. The seeds sprouted in 1968, forming the four prophets, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones, the members of Led Zeppelin.

== The Prophets and the Vessels ==
Each of the 4 Prophets are linked to one of the 4 Vessels, all rumored to be young males in the town of Centreville, Virginia. Each time a Prophet dies, their very essence will travel the earth to fuse with it's corresponding Vessel, giving them limited supernatural powers. The links are said to be as such, John Bonham -> Sean hunt, Robert Plant -> William Alexander Fergusen, John Paul Jones -> Alexander Gioeli, and Jimmy Page -> Steven Rogers.

The Prophet John Bonham as already passed away, his powers being infused within the body of 17 year old Sean Hunt. Sean states he can use his limited abilities 6 hours a day, and often uses them to float while he sleeps. On January 18, 2007, the strongest storm in the UK for 17 years killed a total of 14 people. It is rumored Sean Hunt caused this storm out of pure anger for not recieving his copy of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade on time. A strange fact about Sean Hunt is that every single day he wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans, boots, and sometimes a blue or gray sweatshirt. There are rumors of him one day wearing a white shirt with a blue collar, but he denies all claims to that fact. As he is currently the only Vessel influenced by the God essence he is the major Diety of Neo-zepplinism and is worshiped by Neo-zepplinites as a demi-god, or simply as God himself.

William Alexander Fergusen (known widely as Audie) is said to be linked to the Prophet Robert Plant in many ways. While Plant was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, William has a very loud voice, an excited personality, and is often the leader of his group of friends. William has been Sean's best friend for many years and it is widely known William made Sean Hunt who he his today, giving him a deep connection to the Prophets as a whole. He has a large obsession with Led Zeppelin along with other classic rock bands such as The Doors and Black Sabbath, and is also a video game and comic book enthusiast. He is known to have random outbursts of energy, similar to the unusual antics made by Robert Plant while performing on stage. One of William's comic book idols is Captain America, part of the reasoning behind the beliefs around the fourth Vessel.

Alex Gioeli is a close friend of both William and Sean, giving him an immediate connection to the essence. He is said to be the third Vessel in connection with John Paul Jones, the bassist of Led Zeppelin. Alex has a distinct fascination with music as a whole. He has been playing drums since he was in 4th grade, knows piano, and plans to learn violin and how to sing as well. John Bonham was the most inventive member of Led Zeppelin, knowing how to play bass, flute, and piano, among other instruments. Both people are noticed as calm and helpful in nature, giving only yet another link between the two as Prophet and Vessel.

== The Rumor behind the 4th Link ==
Steven Rogers, second son of J. Mark Rogers, the theater instructor of Centreville High School (Virginia), is rumored to be the 4th Vessel, linked to the legendary Jimmy Page. Steven Rogers is said to be the reincarnated soul of Steve Roger, Captain America. This gives him an immense amount of power, responsibility, and a large amount of trust from the other 3 Vessels. In 2007, at the end of the Marvel Civil War, Captain America was shot several times by a sniper and by hypnotized S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter as he was being escorted into the Manhattan federal courthouse, days after his surrender ended the Marvel Civil War. Within two days J. Mark Rogers' wife birthed their second child, named coincidentally Steven Rogers. This unusual event and his close vicinity as well as his connection to the other 3 Vessels is the basis behind the rumors of him being the 4th Vessel.
Neo-Zeppelinism is my religion, Sean Hunt is God.
by Pumpkinjakk June 21, 2007
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