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A name for the biggest D-list couple in Hollywood. It consists of Nick Jonas, who is slowly becoming a wannabe singer that wastes his talent on other artists, and Delta Goodrem, a 26 year old cougar who went after 18 year old Nick Jonas a month after splitting with her fiance of 7 years.

Many believe this relationship to be a huge publicity stunt. Nick Jonas is shown as a naive loser who goes after older women because girls his own age won't give his serious demeanor the time of day. Delta is being seen as a mediocre singer who abandoned her fiance and kids who adored her, to become big in America.

Delta is known for using twitter as a way of publicizing her relationship with her much younger boyfriend. In hopes of becoming relevant in the States, she has latched onto desperate Nick Jonas who would do anything to be seen with an older woman. Nick Jonas was once with Miley Cyrus, however, she threw him out like a used tissue for her Australian costar, Liam Hemsworth.

No one really cares about the irrelevant couple despite their pathetic attempts at being seen out and about. Fans are suspicious, since up until now, the young Jonas refused to be seen with his past girlfriends, ultimately pushing them into the arms of new men.
"Have you heard about nelta?" "Yeah, nelta's weird. Do you really think it's necessary for Nick to need a babysitter at his age?
by BitterTruth100 July 10, 2011
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The extremely odd and almost illegal relationship between American singer Nick Jonas (18) and Apparently-Super-Famous-Even-Though-No-Ones-Ever-Heard-Of-Her-Australian-Singer-and-Cougar Delta Goodrem (26). Note the age difference.
Hey, d'you hear about Nelta?

Yep, talk about a cougar and a homewrecker.
by swedishhousemafia June 01, 2011
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Nelta is a couple that consists of Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem - an American boy from the highly sucessful band Jonas Brothers and an Austrailian singer and actress.
''Hey, have you heard of Nelta?''

''Yeah, they're adorable aren't they?''

''Of course!''
by JonasFan922 October 13, 2011
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