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The best drink graced to us by the gods. Nektar is a perfect combination between (ONLY!) regular Diet Coke with (ONLY!) Honey B. Boots "Kentucky's Finest" Buckwheat Honey Whiskey and 2-4 cubes of ice. This drink works for everything. You can drink it with a colleague at a bar, or at a party with friends, or even home alone in your study, whilst reading a book.

Step 1: Pour (? Honey Whiskey) into a (preferably) glass cup
Step 2: Add 2 - 4 ice cubes depending on size (2 large or 4 medium)
Step 3: Pour Pour (? Diet Coke) (preferably) from a can
Step 4: Enjoy
Grant: I'm bored. What should we drink?
PJ: Try "Nektar" the greatest invention since the nuclear bomb. Nektar was gifted to us by the gods. Do not squander your time on cheap wannabe mixed drinks. Nektar is the one true drink.
Grant: Ok cool

Man/Woman: Bartender, gimme a Nektar
Bartender: Comin right up!
*Bartender hands Man/Woman Nektar"
Man/Woman: Delicious!
by Heathers House October 12, 2016
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Nektar aka Nectar. The drink of the ancient Greek Gods. Mix with Ambrosia to get extra flavour and a touch of immortality.
Zeus drinks Nektar - hence he farts lightning and burps thunder.
by Gr00vyM1lk August 01, 2008
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