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The metamorphasis a wigger goes through when they reach the pinnacle of wiggerness.
Jollystylez is yet to go through negrosis.
by ExS July 18, 2003
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A condition of an essential bodily organ that occurs when one day it stops working and starts stealing nutrients from all the other organs.
yo I think I got that liver negrosis.
by RoboMastodon August 07, 2009
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Kind of the same as necrosis, only your skin turns black, your lips get big, and you have a sudden craving for chicken and watermelon... only it still rots you from the inside.
Kid 1:Damn what's up with C.J.

Kid 2: Oh he has Negrosis.

Kid 1: That sucks...
by TheFlyingJew April 22, 2009
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A mental disorder characterized by having irresistible tendencies towards unreasonable violence, irrational and low-intellect thought, stealing, and raping.
"Yeah, my friend was suffering from Negrosis so he became a dumbass and decided to steal someone's bike for no apparent reason"
by Man of the Klan December 06, 2018
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