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A filthy lowlife lying scumbag, usually a journalist or reporter but not exclusively, can be a family member or friend, that will for money and/or recognition or just fun, feed off the vulnerability and misfortune of others by choosing to distort, exaggerate and sensationalize an event or situation by deliberate misuse of privileged information. A Neggert pursues personal gratification without any true care or consideration for the consequences of their selfish actions. In their vile actions, they unnecessarily pervert general public perspective with far reaching negative impact for all who are directly involved.

A Neggert IS walking talking, oxygen thieving social cancer. By profession is; a reporter, journalist, politician, or story teller. Other; a shit stirring family member that subscribes to Facebook or similar and flames a nothing event, into a catastrophic drama by twisting the facts; A plastic friend with a self-serving agenda; A digital friend, same as plastic but on Facebook only.

Neggertively: Acting as a Neggert.

Neggerted: To be subject to or a victim of a Neggert's behavior.

Neggertphant: The same as sycophant but specifically sucking up to a known Neggert or being a friend of a Neggert.
David: Did you hear about Mary abandoning her kids?
Richard: Thats not true, I know she is having a mental breakdown and she is very ill!
David: That's not what her mother told me!
Richard: Her mother is a fucking Neggert! Mary is not well enough to look after her kids and her mother doesn't want to help!


Selina: Yee Haa, I got paid £500 for my last article!!
Evva: You're a Neggert Selina!! The poor woman that you wrote about committed suicide, you knew she was not well and you completely fucked her with your totally unnecessary article!!
Selina: Who cares, I got what I wanted..


Sacha: What am I gonna do. I've been completely Neggerted on Facebook, I'm screwed!!
Christine: I warned you about Facebook, it's a Neggerts paradise!!
Sacha: But it's not the truth!
Christina: Sorry, but people don't care, they love spreading shit and the Neggerts know it!


You never know when your talking with a Neggert until it is too late!
by pureexperience September 16, 2012
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