Cleanest, high purity, and most sought after crystal of LSD... Thought to only exist in history books these days... But it's still there and the keepers of the light choose wisely who gets to take the journey and who does not... Though few and far between the light still shines brightly and will never we allowed to fully go out by these special protectors(God bless um)
Needlepoint is nothing something you find but more something that finds the right people...
by The Show Fairy October 2, 2015
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LSD of the highest quality. 98% pure. Comparable to pharmaceutical LSD. Made by washing (purifying) fluff (95% LSD). Only found in crystal form and even then only in small quanities. Not something you could get of your average deadhead/hippy. Given the current climate, it's quite possible that its no longer being produced.
by mike April 11, 2004
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