A less derogatory term female version of a ned than senga, but none the less revealing about their character.
I was driving past chippie corner and there were loads of neds and their nedette girlfriends hanging around there, the boys trying to get their Burberry caps as far back on their heads as possible without them falling off, the girls with cold sores and herpes around their mouths from all the cocks they'd sucked.
by Gavin Anderson March 29, 2005
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A female version of a 'Ned', who are basically thugs from Scotland, normally in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Nedettes are amazingly stupid, skanky and ugly creatures that wear crap fluffy-hooded jackets. ripped jeans, white trainers. crap perfume that cost 50p and they are never sober, so they're easy to spot. they also wear a lot "jewellery" (<--meaning it's fake), live in council estates and live in "protection" of their all-so-lovely boyfriends (<--meaning they're rubbish boyfriends). Now as you would expect because these rats aren't educated, they are too stupid to even know how to find a job, nevermind get one, so they get money by having 26 children by the time they reach they age of 7 years old. Apart from knowing very well how to suck dick and how to collect as many STDs as possible (at least I think that's their goal, I don't know who cares), nedettes sadly aren't very skillful in ANY department, not even looking after their kids or fighting or any of that stuff, they basically suck (literally) at everything.
*social worker visits a shed that the nedette hilariously lives in*

Social worker: "I'm sorry to inform you, Miss ... err Nithead .. nice name .. but eh because you are only 3 years old, it is not legal for you to be looking after your 68 children so we're gonna have to take them away, there is nothing you can do"

Nedette: "wit da fuk min, ye canna dae aht, ah luk ufder mah waynes wi aw ah got" *and other various monkey noises that nobody understands* (needless to say she had a problem with it)

Social Worker: "........yes exactly, I'm glad you understand"

*social worker shocks the nedette with a stun gun*
by brothelboy March 8, 2010
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