Female ned. Dresses much the same, minus the cap but with the addition of a necklace spelling her name and a thick layer of cheap foundation which gives an unfortunate tangerine face. Hobbies include shoplifting, chewing gum, unfeasibly large hoop earrings, teenage pregnancy.
Andy's sister is turning into a right wee senga.
by dullthud July 17, 2003
A female ned. Believed to be derrived from reversing the name "agnes" - a common Scottish female name.

Senga's hang around park benches in groups smoking and lusting after passing neds. They are not dangereous but will spit abuse/flem/buckfast at you if given the chance.
'at wee senga called us a tim so I kicked 'ur in tha cunt.
by sjnster June 24, 2003
Female ned. Can be found sporting spiral perm, baby buggy, large chain with name on and various large gold rings.
See also hairy
Ahm gonnae cunt that wee senga bastard.
by Mad FUCKING Wullie June 3, 2004
Pure dillion shenga, naw! Man she'sh pure hot ash fuck.
see above.
by Esteban Tuero June 2, 2004
Beautiful and ethereal creature to be admired and aspired to. Women want to be her, men want to be with her.

Gifted with true beauty and intelligence, she is an inspiration to all.
Did you hear that the Britain's Sexiest Woman award ceremony has been cancelled this year 'cos Senga was the only nomination AGAIN!!!!
by CLIODNA February 4, 2010
Senga is a Scottish Gaelic girl's name. It means 'the slender one'.
We wanted to call her Senga, but in the end decided on Morag
by Dozyscribbler December 28, 2005
Scottish word to describe a female ned (non educated delinquent). Similar to a chav. Many can be found around areas like Pilton and Niddrie. Uneducated, rite lik dis, u no wit a meen bby?? Usually have children young and often to multiple fathers. Usually like loud dance music and r&b. Don't tend to read books but many made an exception for 50 shades of grey. They like tacky jewellery which they call 'bling bling', primark leggings and ugg style boots. If they are overweight they will think they are sexy because they have big boobs and they tend to make a feature of these, hair is usually dyed fake blonde or jet black (or a mixture of both) and usually excessively straightened or scraped back in a greasy pony tail.

The social networking Senga will usually take many camera phone selfies, always from the same angle (see MySpace camera angle/fat girl camera angle) where they wear heavy make up and take pictures of themselves from the side and getting maximum amount of tits into the photo. Their social networking page will probably have a lot of drama, think Jeremy Kyle, as they air their grievances with other Sengas and the male neds they are sleeping with. They often brag about how dirty they are in bed but don't tend to take much care of their bodies. Tend to think they are a lot more attractive than they are and assume that most men fancy them. Sengas often have dogs like Staffordshire Terriers. They can be bitchy, judgmental, and mean so approach with caution....
For an example of a Senga, head to Farmfoods or Iceland.
by EdinburghJames November 25, 2013