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Something retarded that someone does that can be likened to the one and only Neal Alan Piper. Ergo a 'Nealism'
Neal spent all his loan on a mac book pro and had no money left to eat, pay rent or go out?

Fail, that's a Nealism.
by tinotin February 09, 2010
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The belief that there is a being out there that rules over all. Although this is like most religions this one is special because the being that is worshipped is the greatest mathematician ever, Ryan Neal. The people hold a daily mass for one hour where they sit and do 8th to 12th grade math problems and listen to country music. This religion is most commonly practiced by students of North East Middle and High School.
Catholic: Wow, that Julian is quite the math wiz.
Jew: Of course he is, he practices Nealism.
by Ryan Neal June 15, 2018
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