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A Native American Hip Hop Artist, entrepreneur, and poet. Also a producer, audio engineer. Born April 26, in Tuba City, Arizona. A small town located on the Western Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. Most of his childhood was spent on the Navajo Nation until his parents’ divorce. Thereafter, he moved back and forth between his parents and found it difficult to adjust. His mother relocated to Page, Arizona while his father remarried and resided in different areas of southern Arizona, which included the San Carlos Apache reservation and Casa Grande. Gone were the days of stability and living within his native community where he once fit in. With his father working out of state for months at a time and living with his father’s new family, Naztre became isolated. Finding himself getting into trouble in class for drawing and writing down his thoughts on life. He took refuge in his writing and unknowingly began to compose songs and lyrics. This became his solace from a path leading down a road of gangs, drugs, and violence. His lifestyle was beginning to take its toll. Naztre was at a crossroads. As a young man needing to survive he was determined to overcome his challenges. Then it happened…he found his calling and discovered his talent for Hip Hop music. As a writer and artist he is able to reflect back on his past while forging forward. He has a new family in Hip Hop and takes comfort in being able to share his thoughts and experiences through music.
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Naztre, where you be at?!
by Naztre September 29, 2014
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