A school counselor at Green Bay Southwest High School who’s a big retard and likes to put cameras in school bathrooms
That Mr. Naze guy seems like a real pervert
by Trollafieng January 3, 2020
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The most evil gartic phone user you will ever meet. Most likely also Sadako.
AHHHH!!! Nazeypoo!
by FreddyFazballs97 April 13, 2022
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The most kind girl any person could meet. She is very neat and is always clean. She is very open minded and could cheer you up anytime. She is very inspirational and funny. She is very beautiful and if you have a Nazeli in your life, then your very lucky.
I love Nazeli
by a very cool dude :) June 11, 2019
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The rather unconvincing noises of pretended interest which an adult has to make when brought a small dull object for admiration by a child.

(Taken from "The Meaning of Liff", but now in common usage.)
Example 1. "My wife accused me of nazeing when she related the events of her workday."

Example 2. "When I explained to Jack the deep implications of my doctoral thesis analyzing the use of hyphens in 17th century English literature, he just kept nazeing me."
by Copepod November 23, 2012
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in style sometimes bitchy likes to wear black or dark colors to work awesome
her name is naze she must be cool .
by ilikedogs44 February 28, 2011
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The act of talking crazy or being wild.
That nigga Kuliel be nazing off the xanax.
by Awful Jessie July 19, 2017
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To be high on weed or hash. Used in the same context as: stoned, baked, high, wacked ect. Used in the west of Ireland, mostly Galway, K-side and m-side
Ah man I was so nazed last night I smoked a 25 bag by myself.. chill man.
by CaraKristi July 8, 2011
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