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he is very nice, caring, loving, intelligent and very handsome. Usually have green/hazel eyes which all the girls love and nice really dark brown hair. Nayer is one of the founders of ISD (international swag daddy). He is also known for being a very wise man and he is always giving people tips on how to become more cool towards the society. He is very special to many socities because of the amount of awesomenes he has. Nayer's don't really make good boyfriends, they are considred "players". A nayer will get you pregnant and then leave you. But this doesnt happen with all the nayers. Some Nayers make caring and loving fathers. For Most Nayer's bros come before hoes, nayers surround themselves with swagged out niggas. Nayer always leaves a smie on everyones face. He is hardly shy, he is really funny and can make some ones day. Lots of Nayers are really handsome and smell really good. Nayers Likes the color pink, green, and blue. Nayers will be attracted to you if you have a large booty and/or large breasts. Nayers loves playing Basketball and love watching girls play volleyball.
Nayer is so cool

Ugh! i wish nayer was in my bed right now.

Omg i wish i was nayer he is IN with every girl in the world.
by swag daddy oj mayo December 10, 2012
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sum1 who iz very sweet...and very patient...and is never racist...n loves the color pink...
I wish I was Nayer.

Nayer is always right.

Nayer is the best way to be.
by sumtin March 24, 2004
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