When members of a large cult or religious group commit mass suicide. When people whom the world, and the gene pool could really do without, decide to take their own lives in mass quantity.
1.Cult leader Jim Jones asked 914 of his followers to join him in natural self selection by drinking the fruit punch.

2. I wish everyone on E! t.v. would finally give into natural self selection.
by The Socket Rientist January 28, 2011
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Basically a believer in Donald Trump theory on COVID-19
Person 1: I believe Natural Selection Trump Version!

Person 2: Same here dude!
by Afterlife2021 August 3, 2021
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1. Universe's way of making your life miserable.
2. An event in nature.
3. That one edgy kid's shirt.
1: The goddamn universe gave me natural selection! Aw hell!
2: I've been naturally selected because that is what happens when I win the race.
No need to explain number 3.
by Zach the internet guy December 28, 2022
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What happens to someone so stupid they don’t know what natural selection is.
Timmy ate a tide pod and fucking died cause of natural selection
by YourNiceStepBro May 18, 2021
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