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A Natolar is a slang word for a man who is extremely black, and is usually a pimp with a huge penis. This word originated from the Natolarian tribe in central Africa known to have some of the largest dicks known to the world. This tribe was also thought to have started gangs as for entertainment they seperate into 2 different "ghettos" and fight over other ghettos depending on what kind of hoes and drugs are in them.
Dude, A natolar just raped me
by Demon_Panda December 30, 2007
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Slang for a homosexual male living in a ghetto.

Also used to as slang for 'penis' in some parts of Angola.
1. That guy is so natolar.
2. 'Duuude check out the size of his natolar'
by Joobers November 28, 2007
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