Natalee is more than she seems. She’s quiet on the outside, and rarely ever speaks, but that is only because she’s been shut down so many times before. She has a great sense of humor, and is welcomed into any friend group. She has the most beautiful, analytical eyes ever. She loves art and is really amazing at it. She is the kind of girl you will never want to let go or forget once you meet her.
That girl is such a Natalee, perfect in every way.
by DangerousRamen December 03, 2019
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Terrible disgrace of humanity. Not trustworthy AT ALL, will stab you in the back anytime anyday. Stirs up drama like a Chinese kid in the sweater factory. Okay looking on the outside but disgusting on the inside. New boyfriend about every second.
1: Hey.
2: Oh my god, are you bleeding?
1: Yeah, Natalee just stabbed me in the back.
by maggotmother July 10, 2019
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