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A term used usually in the Northern parts of the UK, to describe an attractive female, usually with an impressive figure.
'Check that hottie out, what a Nasreen!'
by HZDD June 22, 2009
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means flower in persian

and also the hottest girl in edinburgh
im gonna pick some nasreens to give to nasreen
by novas mum April 19, 2008
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A women who had a passion for animal print preferably leapord print, as she is a party animal, busting her moves on the dance floor. She is always in her own world dreaming about the fantasies she would like to do. She is an animal lover, however she can be secretly evil and bitchy at times, beware of Nasreen.
Lola: nasreen copied my dress!

dina: nasreen will be nasreen
by Mindy-girl June 08, 2013
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