Islamic religious poetry. The message varies from worshipping Allah, to respecting your parents, and from doing your prayers, to taking part of war.
Did you hear that nasheed? It gives me strength everytime i listen to it.
by Abu Nasheed July 23, 2018
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Islam. But has secularism. Has a person who loves them unconditionally but not realising it N<3N
Nasheed, she really loves you man
by Ariel$ March 15, 2022
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Hey youre like a Nasheed
by Ajdhwibd June 23, 2020
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A gentlemen, normally black, who cares about others even if they don't care about him
"That guy is such a Nasheed" "Yeah i know, he's really awesome"
by Tennisboy22 April 30, 2015
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a fucking piece of shit who is anti-lgbtq and abliest. Somehow manages to make every single thing about race.
Joe: "did you see that tariq nasheed filmed a person with mental health issues having a mental breakdown and called him racist?"
manny: "yeah, what a POS"
by JunnyJun July 25, 2021
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Tom: Hey, did you see Tariq Nasheed's tweets last night?
John: Was he talking about Bussy flapping in the wind again?
by bumblywumbly June 7, 2022
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