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A term used to define the pairing between Noel and Casey on Family Channel's "Life with Derek". Noel first met Casey when they were in a musical together during their junior yr in high school. The two had obvious chemistry in the episodes "Show-Off Tune" and "Allergy Season" but in Season 4 the show went off course and the writers tossed out the old plot lines and started new, making Noel a bit nerdier and Casey more superficial and shallow. It was quite obvious Nasey was going to happen too. "Quit frankly we probably should have stuck with Noel," said Jeff Biederman (co-writer of Life with Derek) about the situation. He also goes on to say, "..maybe there will be a time and place for Casey and Noel after all."
"Noel is VERY cute and i hope he tells Casey he loves her!!!! I LOVE LIFE WITH DEREK!!!!! GO NASEY!!!!!! {I hate masey}!!!!!"
by MarinaHeart March 01, 2009
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The pairing name for the characters Noel Covington and Casey McDonald from the tv show Life with Derek.
Honestly I LOVE IT. I've loved it from the beginning. Noel makes Casey a better person, really... like a stronger, happier and deeper individual. Unfortunately Casey prefers being 'cool' though, which she has lost my respect over. Call me delusional but I think Casey did/does like Noel back but is just clueless about her feelings as she is about his.

It seems as though the writers were heading in the direction of Nasey towards the end of season 3, but somehow changed their minds. They probably felt that Noel and Casey being together would be boring, because they are too perfect for each other. In their opinion, in order to keep their audience entertained, they would need another crappy love interest for Casey (aka Truman). In my opinion, that was a stupid move. Casey and Truman have no interest in each other beyond appearances, just like Max and Casey.
by Karen R. A. November 02, 2008
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