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Narumi, usually a girl with dark hair who loves to have fun, very athletic and funny! Her flexibility comes in handy when it comes to sex. Has a very "creative" mind and can come up with things other people usually can't imagine to think about. She rarely gets pissed off but when she does... You better leave the country. But dispite all of those traits she is very loving and kind and loves her friends. No matter what happens she always has a smile on her face
Person 1: so I'm having a party this weekend.

Person 2: who you inviting?

Person 1: Idk but im hoping to have atleast one Narumi.
by Mariobrotherslover September 26, 2011
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A girl who seems to love all her friends and completely loves video games or electronic devices. She loves Hello Kitty such things and usually has dark colored hair. Her temper is usually easy to set off but she has a big heart.
Guy 1: Dude, i totally just met a girl

Guy 2: Does she act Narumi?
by namemeaninggiver December 24, 2010
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