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A Lord in Hinduism. God who operates the nature, Aradhya of Lord Shiva. He is one of the main lords(tridev) - Bhrama, Vishnu(Narayan), Mahesh(lord Shiva). If I had to write about him, I could write my whole life but- I've to study
Shree narayan is my only aradhya
by vishnu bhakt March 28, 2022
Tridev means 'three gods'. When we say tridev, we are basically referring to the three main gods in hinduism i.e, brahma (the creater), vishnu(the operator), mahesh(the destroyer).

Bhagwan bhrama created this universe.

Bhagwan Vishnu or Narayan operate it (sanchalan karta)
Bhagwan Shiv or Mahadev destroy the universe when needed.

Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Buddha, Lord Rishabha, Lord Parshurama, Lord Vamana, Lord Matasya, Lord Vainkateshwarya, Lord Jaganath, are many more are incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
It is said that when kaliyug will about to end, one among the tridev,Lord Vishnu will kill the evils in incarnation of Lord Kalki and start a new yug namely the satyug.

It is also said that he already took birth as Kalki on earth and end of kaliyug is already started from 2022.
by vishnu bhakt May 29, 2022