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An insanity that usually affects people of small stature. People with napoleonic complex are easily intimidated by tall, muscular people. To make themselves feel 'bigger', they in turn pick on taller, muscular people.

Also called Short Man Syndrome.

Napoleonic Complex was named after the french emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who overcompensated for his short stature by waging war, often for no reason (???). French people seem to be the main victims of this condition, as Nicolas Sarkozy appears to have it as well.
Angie, who was 6 feet tall at the age of 12, was frequently made fun of by pretty much everyone under the height of 4'11''. to make the most of the situation, she informed the shorties that their anger wasn't their fault, they were simply victims of the Napoleonic Complex.
by --thirteen-- September 15, 2009
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