A kind girl who is super stylish and tries to look the best she can. she has a few friends and crushes which like her back. she thinks she is beautiful and she has had a few boyfriends.
Nanoha is so kind
A girl who is perfect for me is Nanoha
by CutieSallyLOVE<3 December 16, 2019
A girl who thinks she is beautiful and she tries to look her best. some boys love her and she has had quite a few boyfriends. she has besties who she will never forget. she is shy but kind although sometimes she gets a bit mean.
"Nanoha is kind" said the girl.
"Nanoha is the girl i want", said Max.
by CutieSallyLOVE<3 December 16, 2019
English title: Magical Girl Lyical Nanoha

A magical girl anime about a normal elementary schoolgirl named Takamachi Nanoha who discovers a magical devise called Raising Heart and becomes a complete beamspamming badass.

It begins as a rather clinched Magical Girl anime until the introduction of Nanoha's rival/possible love interest, Fate Testarossa.

Nanoha threw out many Magical Girl conventions, using more shounen-style elements than shoujo, such as power battles and fast-paced storytelling. There are two sequels, A's being the better received compared to StrikerS.
Anonymous A: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a great anime, but I wasn't impressed with StrikerS
Anonymous B: Yeah, A's was definitely the best of the series. If only they did without the Final Fantasy Final Boss at the end.
by Wererat42 August 29, 2008