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A hybrid of an octopus and a banana. They were first thought to be extinct since 350 B.C., before pancakes existed. They were rediscovered in the Denny's Superbowl 2009 commercial. One was found snacking on pancakes in that commercial. They mainly live hiding in the kitchen of national Denny's. At night, they were caught eating pancake leftovers at a nearby IHOP. The people who caught them were killed by about 25 Nannerpi. They were grinded up into pancake mix. The Nannerpi then ate the pancakes.
Kids: It's Nannerpus!!

Nannerpus: You can call me Nannerpus, Nannerpus, and guess what; I'm a---
by Lazer81095 March 22, 2009
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a Denny's mascot, represented as a banana with 8 "legs" on top of a stack of pancakes, used as a promotional tool during a Super Bowl commercial in 2009
I'm Nanny the Nannerpus, and I love ---!!
by Teh Chillburger February 04, 2009
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Character from the 2009 SuperBowl commercials for Denny's. Nannerpus' peel was pulled to make him look like an octopus sitting on top of a stack of pancakes. Strings tugged his arms to bring him to life, and to take-out his right eyeball.
You see that commercial with Nannerpus? Stupid, but very funny!
by RockyBrooklyn February 03, 2009
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