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A girl of Ghanaian background , meaning she is born on a Thursday . A loveable darkskin chocolate goddess who loves to make people laugh a lot . A very honest person sometimes can be misinterpreted for a rude person . Generous to all people and loves to help others . Her sweet and caring nature attracts many people as they can be sociable and free to talk to anyone . Many may not see her beauty but whoever treasures her is a lucky person . A big heart of gold and is normally an outgoing person ready to have fun.Name is not very popular but it shows the heritage and traditional aspects of Ghana .
“ Have you met Nana Yaa she is so pretty and nice “

No I would love to meet her “
by LolaAckerman December 29, 2018
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Nana Yaa is a girl from a ghanian background .She is notmally dark skinned and she is loud and rude also can be quite stubborn at times.Nana Yaa is also a good person and is generous and loving but be careful to mess with a Nana Yaa caus they are normally feirce.
"Oh there goes Nana Yaa she is very nice "
by LolaAckerman April 01, 2017
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