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This name is a very rare name to have, she is loyal, nice, smart, cool, and funny, she has a beautiful smile . She don't deal with bullshit from anyone. She don't have everything but she is loved by everyone and the most forgiving person anyone will meet. She is always loyal in a relationship and wont leave that person for anyone. She is curvy in every place most people named Nalayah are mixed. This girl usually believes in love at first sight. She is a fighter and will fight for anyone she dearly cares about. If you know a Nalayah keep her close as a boyfriend and as a friend stay friends with her because she will always be there for you even if she has no money she will help.
by Jessica Ramos February 05, 2018
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Nalayah is usually a very rare name that isn't heard many times in the world. A girl with the name Nalayah is smart, funny, pretty, sensitive, curvy, and weird. If you know someone named Nalayah you are very lucky. Nalayah is the most kindest girl , but doesn't take anyone's bullshit. As a girlfriend you can trust her with anything she is loyal, and wont leave you for anyone unless you let her go. Nalayah may seems quiet and shy when you first see her, most girls with this name act silent around people she does not know. Some people named Nalayah are freaky on the low and wont expose that around people. A girl name Nalayah has a beautiful smile and forgives people very quickly y; it is hard for her to say no to people.Some people named Nalayah believe in love at first sight. Nalayah may have flaws but if you love them they aren't flaws for you.
Nalayah is so cool
Who is that? Oh, her that's Nalayah super cool you should go say hi!
by Jessica Ramos May 04, 2018
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A girl/female who is about that chicken. Greatful for all the blessings god send her and works hard to strive for the top. Pussy wetter then a water fall and can roll better than any bitch. Has a big heart for loyal trustworthy people.
You niggas out there get you a (Nalayah)
by Cattts June 18, 2018
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