Naked Dave (The Naked Dave Project) refers to a series of paintings created by Laura Molina, inspired by her relationship with illustrator and Rocketeer creator, Dave Stevens.

The term "Naked Dave" was coined by Beth Preistler-Schmidt after she saw Laura Molina's second painting of Dave Stevens in 1996. The project has been on the web since 1998. and has been online since 1999.
He's Naked Dave!
by Red Moon December 06, 2008
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the best internet friend a person could ask for. trustworthy, honest, sweet, and plus hes a sexy beast. we share the enjoyment of bananas, carrots, gilmore girls, and charmed.
Summer- pudding cakes
Naked Dave-hmm
summer-are really good on a hot day
Naked dave-is it a pudding or a cake?
summer- both
kyleighnc- how awkward
by Summer was a bummer August 21, 2008
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owner of he is a random hero but its mainly a guy that is always naked every time i go to his house he is naked or has shorts on at the most
"put some clothes on naked dave"
by CaRL January 13, 2004
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He is a man everyone knows he lives around the UK and is not to be mistaiken by the one in Haggard who is a Fictional Character. Naked Dave reguaraly makes outings to places like St albans and the Pioneer. I know him well as do many of the st alban's youth. He is a fine example of doing stuff no one would dare do. Hes Naked Fukin Dave
Naked Dave im likin it.
by Alex Humphrys February 12, 2007
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