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Rules the hood. Everyone bows down to her beauty, grace, charm n hotness. She will rock your world if she decides your worth it. Fiercely loyal, and a true friend. You can't live without a Naina!
"That girl so hot, she gotta be a Naina!"
"Don't try being a Naina, you ain't got what it takes! "
by blueberry panda January 04, 2014
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Naina beautiful eyes who has an amazing personality she is very creative and has a passion for music and art, she is super sexy and has the heart of a goddess, she has a the most beautiful simile, she loves animals mainly dogs. She is Naina everyone's favorite
That new kid Naina is so hot
by August 16, 2017
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a highly insensitive creature found in the jungle of a far off land;highly deceiving with cunning eyes but once you are within the creatures grasp she will show no mercy!
the poor lad went into the jungle only to be eaten by a naina!
by feroze ad January 17, 2009
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Rules the hood, everyone bows down to her charm, beauty and innocence. She is very loyal and trustworthy. You cant live without a Naina.
That girl is soo beautiful, she is a naina
by AK448hfu July 15, 2016
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Naina: A girl with many talents! A Naina is beautiful, caring, smart, and a sex god! Naina's will rock your world! They are friends of all! Their eyes are so very beautiful!
I really need a Naina in my life!
by _James_Woods_ December 27, 2016
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